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Bloomberg’s commitment to innovation is one to envy in our industry. Products that their R&D teams work on are at least five years ahead of release in the market. These teams are typically working on the deep, machine-learning aspects of the project, while they draw on partners like Kunai to build out their customer facing applications. With just weeks to release a Beta version of the application, Bloomberg came to Kunai to build out a complex interface for their Compliance Console product. 


With the machine learning engine built, Bloomberg came to Kunai to build out the entire client facing application. Our full-stack team is building a Beta version of the application that is due to go into user testing by the end of Q1, 2016. The Bloomberg team has even drawn upon our team to help in other aspects of the R&D teams’ projects. By Kunai’s recommendation, the Bloomberg team has since adopted Ruby on Rails and EmberJS as their preferred stack for development of web applications.